I took the Challenge

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 1

Freedom Plan blog challenge.

Day 1.  1st Challenge – What is holding me back?

Okay, well, I am not allowed to use money … money isn’t the issue anyway.  I find abundance all around me and don’t need heaps of money to live comfortably. Sure, money has certain advantages but we don’t need tons of it.  I frequently question.. how much is enough for a person?

Is there a roof over my head?  Yes.  Good.  Am I going hungry?  No.  Good.  The rest I can work out.. So, no money is not it.

Am I busy?  You bet.  With a webpage, facebook group, writing content, reading books, learning about the business of creating a web space that is dynamic and useful, finding out ways to monetize it… add in personal issues regarding the Estate of my late Mother.. a sibling who is attempting to grab everything…another sibling who passed away.. keeping up with family members.. being a Mom and a Grandma… all competing priorities.

It is difficult to find the calm amidst the proverbial storm and opening some space for just me is my greatest challenge.  I have ideas and they swirl and cascade through my head at all times… the shower seems to be my most creative medium… and they crash against each other as simply ideas and rarely formulate into something concrete.  Here is my challenge.  Here is what is holding me back..

That feeling of being so overwhelmed that you can’t even take that step out into the precipice and start any fool’s journey.  How can you come full circle and begin again if there is no ability to take that first step.

This is what I will be looking to understand and come to grips with over the next 10 weeks.



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